Take you to visit the sofa making process of our factory

The product we are going to talk about today is the sofa. The sofa is an indispensable furniture product in our lives. How does his craftsmanship work? Do you want to know the craftsmanship of the sofa? Do you want to know the material of the sofa and the difference between the high-end sofa and the low-end sofa? Please come Check out the sofa making video on my website.

Sofa As a factory specialized in producing sofas for foreign customers, we mainly use all-upholstered sofas and solid wood frame sofas. The styles of upholstered sofas are diverse and colorful. Including other fabrics are also various, which of course benefited from the development of the modern textile industry, specifically cotton and linen cloth, technical cloth, Dutch velvet, suede, corduroy, nano leather, PU, ​​cowhide, etc. For the fully upholstered sofa, the frame is mainly made of pine or poplar LVL wood square combined with plywood. Because the frame is completely wrapped by sponge and fabric, the quality of the wood used in the frame is not high in actual production. Its main focus is on the density of the sponge, the hardness of the serpentine spring, the hardness of the U-shaped tension spring, the strength of the bottom bandage, whether there is a latex layer, whether there is down filling, the textile method of the fabric, and the density of the fabric. , The density of the non-woven fabric used in the interlining, etc. And the craftsmanship of the final fabric sewing. Of course, the final technique of the leather workers, whether the sofa surface can be neat and tidy is also an important factor in determining the quality of the sofa.

Post time: Aug-28-2021
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