Amazons furniture launched a new European-style furniture production line on July 3rd

We launched a new European-style furniture production line on July 3rd, which is equipped with 500 square meters of Nissan panel furniture. Thereafter, we will be able to produce various TV cabinets, coffee tables, cabinets, high-gloss PVC cabinets and high-gloss acrylic cabinets. At the same time, we will also have a high production capacity to produce simple computer desks and wardrobes popular on the Amazon e-commerce platform. Amazon Furniture now has three panel furniture production lines, three electronic cutting saws, three PVC edge banding machines, 5 six-sided drills, and 3 punching machines, with an annual output of 720,000 square meters of various panel furniture. Products are mainly exported to Europe, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries and regions through cross-border e-commerce platforms. The company currently has two furniture designers, who can undertake customer product design and research and development and provide customers with appropriate product quotations in a timely manner. The raw materials of furniture include particleboard, density board, plywood, blockboard and OSB oriented strand board. The finishing materials include melamine paper, PVC, HPL, acrylic, PET, UV coating, etc. The surface effects of furniture include pitted surface, high gloss, UV high gloss, baking varnish and other effects. The company guarantees to complete the order tasks delivered by customers with quality and quantity.

Post time: Jun-03-2019
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