Cat′ S Wooden Cage-0001

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Cat’s wooden cage-0001

#Name:Cat’s wooden cage-0001
#Model number:Yamaj-0001
#Size: Customized
#Style:Modern simple

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    Chapter 1

    1. Imported pine wood
    2. High cost cost
    3. Environmental protection without formaldehyde
    4. Waterproof coating
    Independent and special side door opening design can prevent electric cat sand pots alone. It is very wide wooden platform and has a larger activity space.


    Chapter 2

    The log cat villa is beautiful everywhere, beautiful appearance, versatile style, simple atmosphere, never out of date. Take care of the health of the kitten and give it the best companion. The overall framework is made of solid wood, and the structure is solid. The interior decorations such as layers and platforms are treated with bold solid wood, which can bear the jump of cat human activities.

    Chapter 3

    Meeting cats while eating, drinking, and fun, enrich your life. The real solid wood plate, without adding formaldehyde, the kitten is rest assured.The high bomb ventilation used in the villa and good ventilation. The air circulation is fast, not sweltering, no bacteria. Special waterproof coating, no formaldehyde, no odor, we can clean it easily, and the appearance is also good.


    Chapter 4

    The appearance is beautiful, maintaining the natural nature of pine wood, clear texture, simple and generous shape, strong elasticity and breathability. It retains the flexible place of wood. The oil content of the wood is low and the color distribution is evenly distributed. The position of the layer and interior can customize installation, and the maximum design of the cat's exclusive space. Custom installation can also give cat owners more sense of participation and accomplishment, to shorten the distance between cats and people.

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